Bush v. Gore
Suzanne, a colleague from work, and I went to the Supreme Court on December 11, 2000 during the oral arguments for Bush v. Gore.   We wanted to experience the history-making event from the crowd perspective and re-live our protest movement days.  The pictures that follow capture just some of the flavor of the day.  Of course, the decision is now in and Gore has conceded.  I thought many of you would like to see this "old" news, so you can tell your family and friends that you knew someone who was there.  David Boies is my new hero; he wore black walking shoes when he argued the case before the Supremes!
Here I am calling Frank  at his office for union reinforcements!  I got his son Matt instead, so I shared the historic moment with him.  I then called Janet, who was suitably impressed.  At least I think so, I couldn't hear very well ....
The unions were well represented
Here are two old-line 70's organizers stirring up the crowd
There were lots of creative people displaying their signs ...
... and many different causes
I managed to take pictures of the heroes through the many signs
Jesse Jackson & John Lewis
David Boies
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