Halloweens at the Powers
Halloween 2000
Halloween 1999
This is the first year we recorded our Halloween decorations.  You can see the original design Daniel had for the "scariest house on the block" contest.  We won this year without competition.
Daniel's design got more sophisticated with the addition of the arch.  Many kids were too scared to come through it to get the candy treats.  Daniel felt sorry for them and took the candy out to the sidewalk for them.  I thought I trained him better!  We won the "scariest house on the block again this year.  New people moved into a house down the street, which was being renovated at Halloween.  They decorated the empty house like a Haunted House,  but ours was still scarier to the kids.  Ah, the joy of Halloween!
Halloween 2002
Halloween 2001
Very few pictures this year ... we didn't put the full display out this year since it was so close after 9-11.  We thought the scarier items like the skeleton would be too much for some of the kids, not to mention us!  The house down the street built a space ship and had a display of an "alien autopsy."  We were still voted "scariest house on the block, but by a narrower margin.  Back to the design boards ....  Daniel had a friend Elliott over to Trick-or-Treat and help scare the kids.  They had fun.
Since the snipers were caught, we had Trick-or-Treat!  We won the Scariest House on the Block again this year!!!!  The kids voted overwhelmingly for our "Tunnel of Doom" over the "Funeral Home" down the street.

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And here's the secret.  Daniel designed and we built a Tunnel of Doom on the side of the house.  What a fright!
Trick or Treat Night ...
Buliding the Display Over Several Weeks ...
New this year, Hanging Heads.
The Arch leads to the Tunnel of Doom
That's one scary witch!
Daniel & Arwen, played by friend Vicky.
Daniel's friend Nolan & friends were scared!
Nolan's Dad & Mom were scared too. 
Daniel & Arwen made up a tale to frighten the kids - Daniel would say "This lass lost her Groom on their wedding night and she has something to ask you.  Arwen would turn to the kids and ask, "Did you kill him?"  Great stuff, especially when a rather smallish kid answered, "No I didn't kill him."
Janet's Scanned Photos
Daniel was the greeter.
Janet's favorites -- the Ghosts!
Vicky played Erwen, in love with the Groom.
Janet played the Witch.
Daniel's friend Nolan and his friends.
Neighbors came to visit -- along with about 150 other Trick or Treaters.
We had a good run at Halloweens, four years running.  However, Daniel turned into a teenager and that was that!  We decorated and even stood out there ourselves the last two years.  I wouldn't bet on the future........  Jack