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Daniel, Martin and Cindy
Matt and Cindy
Tracy with Sam, Katie and Daniel
Joe and Paige 
Crozier and Tracy
Mike and Donna
Heidi, Colin, Martin, Daniel, Cindy and Jessica
Don,  Renate, Maggie, Mike, Glenda, Frank, Janet, & Jack
Daniel, Janet, Nora, and Bill
Maggie, Cindy, Glenda, Donna & Janet
Mike, Frank, Jack, & Don
Katie, Daniel, Virginia, and Sam
Martin, Jessica & Colin
Jack & Mike having a "birding moment"
Mike and Martin with Erin, the Beanie
Renate and Heidi
Daniel's pal and chess mentor Ted  taught Daniel his first chess moves and strategy in 1996.  At the end of February 2000, Daniel entered his first U.S. Chess Center's Washington, DC metropolitan-wide chess tournament, where he competed against other fourth graders.  He won two matches, lost two and won a bronze medallion.  Way to go, Daniel!
On the same trip to Ted's home on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, a very proud Daniel gets to  take the helm.
1554 Dixie Street -- The Powers rented here from @1949 until 1960.  It looks like the current occupants haven't heard of Glidden Paints!
The Powers' homesteads growing up
835 Spring Road -- The Powers bought this house in 1960 in the hills overlooking the City.  The shutters were black then.
Janet's relatives gathering . . .
June 1998
Janet's mother's house
Back (l to r): Jack, Tracy & Paige, Bill, Charlie, Tommy. Middle: Virginia, Lauren & Henderson, Norma, Martha, Becky, Janet. Front: Nora, Joe, Sam, Katie, and Daniel.
Janet's relatives at Martha and Charlie's
Bill  and Jack, playing the country gentlemen they so desire to be.
Ed  and Anna, making a wedding cake for one of the many Beanie baby weddings Daniel staged.
Here are some of Daniel's early accomplishments:
Daniel did very well with his clarinet lessons while at John Adams.  He has been asked to audition for the all-City band next year.  He is very excited about that prospect!  He says he likes Jazz, but he isn't sure what he wants to play yet.
The Orff Ensemble
This is the end of Daniel's second year in the Orff Ensemble.  He goes to class 5 times a week, one hour before school starts -- and LOVES it!  He received a Metallophone (like the one he is playing above) for his birthday.
Daniel, Nolan & Jose --  Orff buddies.
Daniel liked to sing in the John Adams chorus.  He is seen here (or his head is) in his end of year performance standing in the second row, second from the left.
Daniel finally got a Gameboy.  His Mom & Dad didn't want him to have one if it would take too much time away from reading, studying and creative pursuits.  Daniel proposed a deal  that if he got one he would only use it on weekends.  His parents agreed under those conditions and he  kept his word.  His Mom & Dad are VERY proud of him!
Joe, Daniel, Sam & Katie are having fun at Virginia Beach in June.
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