Jack's staff "fixed" his office for his return from the 60th birthday vacation - shawl, Depends, wheelchair, pamphlets on aging
Jack celebrated his 60th at Sanibel Island
Ed's Birthday celebration
Daniel & Vicky do Lord of the Rings
Believe it or not, District Honors Band competition
Carolyn & Janet's Duet
Daniel, Vaughn (Band Director) & Chris
Mother's Day at home
Cindy's High School Graduation
Daniel's Coming of Age
Frank, Cindy & Glenda
Mother's Day at Robert Morris Inn
Daniel & Cindy
Daniel shows Mike how to use the Erg machine at the Alexandria Boathouse
Helen holds little Reina, momma & poppa look on
Helen holds little Reina
Janet changes Reina, Daniel helps
Jack, Janet & Daniel in Hansom Cab, Central Park, NYC
Daniel & Janet play chess in Greenwich Village
Daniel, Janet, Cindy & Glenda - saying goodbye to Cindy as she gets ready to go to college . . .
Cindy & Daniel  - on a visit to North Carolina we picked Cindy up from her college for dinner.
Frank & Matt's birthdays
Janet's birthday
Virginia & Janet                                         Jack & Janet
Hispanic Committee of Virginia's Gala Ball
  Janet & Virginia
Ocean City, MD
  The brown building in the middle is the Cavalier Apartments where we stayed as boys in the 40s & 50s
Ocean City, MD
Nora, Bill & Janet 
Washington, DC
Daniel & Janet 
Fiddler on the Roof, NYC
Chincoteague, VA
Reina & Daniel
Chincoteague, VA
family meal 
Chincoteague, VA
Dilly & Jack 
Chincoteague, VA
Janet, Daniel, Renata & Mike 
Chincoteague, VA
Daniel's Band Concert 
Janet & Daniel 
Janet, Daniel & Jack
Tavern on the Green, NYC
Janet & Daniel 
Christmas in Alexandria
Christmas in Glen Echo
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